6 comments on “Bodley A almost secure third and board prize

  1. Michael said he won’t be playing are last game so maybe we could just put Luke on 5 because he drew with him before?

  2. well done on your win last night a good result which makes this wednesdays game interesting.However 2 things worth noting you should be looking to improve on your half point from last time and not go out with the attitude of looking for only the half point required for third as with an attitude like that you could easily lose 5-0.Also Jamie you assume I will keep the same board order as last time a very dangerous thing to take as a given.

  3. I thought because your team is so high rated dont you have to have the highest ratings on the top boards and lowest ratings on the bottom?

  4. Their top two boards can change around, as can the middle two and the bottom two (but not three and five).

    You can’t play above someone 150 points higher rated than you, unless you’re under 1200, in which case, you can’t play above a 1350.

  5. So their 4 and 5 can switch? And if I finish on 9 do I play luke Andrew for the trophy or do we share it?

  6. Share it seems fairest. What team or board you’re on doesn’t matter for the cup. If Gerry O’Connell and Luke-Andrew scored 9, they’d still have scored the same number of points and should share the cup. That’s all that matters.

    And assuming they play the same team as last time – and they’ve only not played those 5 players twice – then yes, 4 and 5 can swap. Or 3 and 4 can swap, or 1 and 2 can swap.

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