3 comments on “A right Mala-hiding!

  1. There is also the Ennis weekender 17-19 May. This will be included in Glorney selection considerations whereas Drogheda will not (per ICU.ie: “The Junior Selection Committee advises that its selections will be based on the final May ratings. That means Malahide (May 4-6) and Ennis (May 17-19) will be included but not Drogheda (May 31 – June 3).” ).

  2. Oh yes; forgot about that. Though I think most people are looking at Drogheda next rather than Ennis due to distance and exams.

    FWIW, 31 May in Drogheda is “just” a blitz. The tournament proper begins on the 1st.

  3. Not only a reply I’ve never seen before, but one I can’t find in any database. The fecker seems to have invented a theoretical novelty at the board. It doesn’t refute the line, but I didn’t respond as well to his surprise as he did to mine, unsurprisingly.

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