9 comments on “Millfield International

  1. Congratulations to St. Benildus. It’s an especially huge loss in this tournament not to have your Board 1 as all 12 players on your team then have harder matches. There are clearly some great juniors coming up through the ranks. Keep up the great work!

    Particular thanks to the Benildus player who found one of our clocks and went out of his way to return it to us!

  2. Not just Odhrán, but also Jamie (1380; left the school in the summer) and Dan (1140; playing ford’n games!!), who would have been boards 1 and 6 had we a full team.

    There’s always next year!

    The Bodley this year looks like it’ll be the strongest yet if this and the Gonzaga performances are anything to go by.

  3. Ouch! Even more impressive in that case. Our Board 2 also moved over summer and it does have a big impact. Losing half of the top 6 isn’t worth thinking about. Still, a great crop coming through. Credit to you, John, Frank and the club at large.

    Looking forward to the Bodley. I’m not really involved with it but I’ve heard there are several strong teams just starting out. Sounds like the Bodley will be on a par with the Ennis Shield at this rate :p

  4. Yeah, the Bodley’s quite a respectable league now. Far from the beginners’ league it was five years ago. We need a Division 7 badly now, I think; hopefully that’ll come in next season after the AGM motions over the summer.

  5. well done to both St benildus and gonzaga great result.best of look to both teams in the bodley see if you can beat our score of 54.5 out of 60 from last year.

  6. Very likely, at least in recorded history (i.e. since 2002/03!). Most runaway division winners score about 80%.

  7. Well done to everyone 2nd is a great result! Don’t think about what you missed out on, I’d say those trophies you got are big enough! Diarmuid was very lucky to get that opportunity on the a team- he can thank me in his own time!!! (Me and Finn weren’t on the a team in 1st year)

  8. just had a look at bodley fixtures for this year looks like both sections will be very competitive this year.it’s nice to see a lot of new teams on the seen.in the b section wicklow will be strong as i believe they have seamus duffy on board 1,

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