11 comments on “O’Hanlon stun league leaders

  1. a nice result for the o’hanlon team for sure but Kevin i totally disagree with your comment that blanchardstown don’t have strength in depth.if john plays and the 2000 player and their 3 super kids play and any one of their remaining players play against you st benildus are in for a very tough night when you play them but we will see.

      • Absolutely your best team will beat us. You’ve two 2000s; we’ve four, but they play on the Armstrong. But that’s still not what strength in depth means!

  2. Good result beating Curragh yesterday, but I think the fact that ye conceded a walkover on bd 6 for the second time this season kind of proves my point! 🙂

  3. No we have three.
    So good luck cause we ll show uses strength in depth , we have enough to win.

    • Do. I’m not doubting that ye’re promotion candidates. But there’s no point getting het up by a comment that we have more strength in depth than ye. Because clearly we do. If ye get your full team out each week, ye’ll beat us to promotion without question.

      • Stop motivating our opponents, Kevin!

        Clearly Blanchardstown are far too strong for our little old O’Hanlon team and we have no chance of beating them. That’s how we want them thinking.

  4. kevin you should listen to ciarans advise as he talks total sense.i’m well aware st benildus can bring in more players when required as you are a bigger club and everthing is relative however what you fail to understand is blanchardstown is a growing club and within 2 years will be very strong.i would not be surprised if they walk through the next 2 divisions with easy.

    • Leon – Ciarán was being sarcastic, and none of what you said negates my initial point that, while Blanchardstown are absolutely promotion contenders, they lack strength in depth at the moment. If you want to debate that point, please do. But please don’t start putting words in my mouth and arguing points I didn’t make.

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