10 comments on “Plaskett’s Puzzle

  1. i suspect the answer is that when promoting you convert to a knight rather than a queen and white tries to mate with bishop and 2 knights.

  2. Nope, because then black can aim for …c2 and …e2, queening or other of the pawns, and the material advantage will lead to an easy black win. (Just has to avoid the king and pawn fork on d3 is all)

  3. this was the most fun ive had solving a puzzle in a long time, only took half an hour or so between 6 of us

  4. It’s a start alright! Now what?

    (Any other king move either allows white to promote with check, or blocks off f7, which is needed for the knight fork)

    • Kevin,
      Great puzzle, Fiachra recognised it from Una’s book.(page 128-129). 4 black knights beaten by bishop E8#. Way too hard for our normal level, but unbelievable that Tal solved it. Great puzzle and great story behind it.

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