9 comments on “Club championships – game on!

  1. Or is it better to go with progressive because MBuch is only looking at three rounds instead of the more usual four?

    • Mbuch would be my preference. Who you played seems more informative than when you won. The field is small enough that submarining probably won’t be an issue.

  2. Well it is our competition; we can do what we want.

    Though maybe that should only be for first spot. If you have three people tied for a grading prize, say, it might get awkward. You could have a lot of play-offs.

    • Ah yeah, just for first place. use tie breaks for anything else. We could start the last round at 7 maybe. It’d give some time for prize giving even if there’s no playoff.

  3. Also, we would potentially be starting the play-off about a quarter past eleven. Would it be getting too late to run a play-off then? The last round is a school day and all I think.

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