3 comments on “Same again for O’Hanlon, Bodley A

  1. Have just seen that was Anastasija’s first ever draw for the club in the league, in her 23rd game!

    Ronan hasn’t drawn that many either; 9 in 66.

    Richard O’Rahilly is now the current player with the most games and no draws (7). Peter Fletcher has no draws in 15.

    Eight players have drawn fewer than 10% of their games – Finn (3 in 34), Mihailo (3 in 35), Luke-Andrew (1 in 19), Jamie (1 in 16), Anastasija (1 in 23), Ger Healy (1 in 21), Shane Jackson (1 in 11) and Diarmuid Kelly (1 in 12)

    All those stats are only since 2003/04

  2. On wins, Stephen Brady FM and Des Carroll have 100% records at present. Next best success rate among current players is William Kenny (78%). Only four former players can beat that percentage – Michael Scott (Frank’s son – 1/1), Simon Clarke (1/1), Jamie (84%) and Alex (83%).

    Again, all since 2003/04

  3. My only draw for the club last year in 13 games was by perpetual check. My overall record has more draws than I’d have expected. I wonder if I’m more likely to take a draw in team rather than individual competitions.

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