Current FIDE ratings

FIDE ratings – last updated 4th November 2022

Not every tournament is FIDE-rated; there are certain criteria that must be met.   In Ireland, the Irish Championships, the Armstrong, Heidenfeld and Ennis leagues and the top sections at the Leinsters (Malahide) and Gonzaga are about the only FIDE-rated tournaments.   Many week-long tournaments across Europe are FIDE rated as well.

In order to get an initial provisional FIDE rating, you must play at least three FIDE-rated players in the one tournament, scoring at least half a point and getting a performance rating above 1200. Any other tournament will be discarded. Once you have an initial provisional rating, all subsequent games against FIDE-rated players count towards your rating. A provisional rating is held until 9 games have been played.


Player Rating World ranking
Stephen Brady FM 2261 5,779
Kavin Venkatesan 2085 16,822
Gerry O’Connell 2055 19,687
Mihailo Manojlovic 2047 20,463
Tim McCarthy 2022 23,085
Kevin McHugh 1945 32,158
John Healy 1937 33,200
Lara Putar 1922 35,120
Ben Murray 1913 36,358
Zdravko Manojlovic 1905 98,757*
Brendan Lyons 1884 40,328
Kevin Burke 1853 44,683
Dylan Boland 1850 117,759*
Mariusz Lokasto 1849 118,247*
Leon Putar 1836 47,172
Ciarán Ruane 1835 123,361*
Brendan Cooney 1798 52,942
Ciarán Mahon 1770 57,224
Vjekoslav Novak 1750 60,193
Michael Hanley 1744 61,167
Ronan Sweeney 1713 66,032
Odhrán McDonnell 1702 67,699
Dave Willow 1690 69,619
William Kenny 1689 69,727
Felix Jordan 1681 180,780*
Slavko Putar 1673 72,221
Karel Lievens 1622 80,151
Eddie Gahan 1599 212,007*
Yubo Wang 1513 243,769*
Eric Wang 1477 102,213
Fearghal Brady 1432 108,857
Danny Kashanin 1407 112,498
Nicky Benson 1377 290,799*
Diana Bueckert 1332 123,132
Lucy Bueckert 1306 314,291*
Lorcan Cooney 1248 332,960*
Thomas Cooney 1207 345,854*
Stephen Brady FM2260
Zdravko Manojlovic2027
Kavin Venkatesan1949
Mihailo Manojlovic1947
Kevin McHugh1946
Tim McCarthy1936
Kevin Burke1805
Mariusz Lokasto1796
Dylan Boland1785
Ben Murray1776
Lara Putar1758
Leon Putar1727
Vjekoslav Novak1668
Eddie Gahan1625
Slavko Putar1581
Fearghal Brady1552
Karel Lievens1522
Eric Wang1513
Nicky Benson1375
Diana Bueckert1357
Stephen Brady2260
Gerry O’Connell2052
Brendan Lyons1951
Zdravko Manojlovic1951
Mihailo Manojlovic1947
Kevin McHugh1925
Kavin Venkatesan1883
John Healy1860
Dylan Boland1852
Ciarán Ruane1849
Mariusz Lokasto1781
Ben Murray1776
Lara Putar1758
Kevin Burke1755
Vjekoslav Novak1744
Leon Putar1698
William Kenny1689
Zhengjun Wang1674
Eddie Gahan1623
Felix Jordan1581
Slavko Putar1573
Karel Lievens1528
Fearghal Brady1508
Danny Kashanin1422
Eric Wang1402
Lucy Bueckert1358
Diana Bueckert1289

Blitz is five minutes each; rapid is 25 minutes each (or equivalent time controls with increments – 3+2 or 15+10 for example)

* – inactive player; world ranking is based on all players. Other rankings are based off FIDE active players only.