35 comments on “Malahide tournament

    • 8:45. The draw will be done at 9:45, so want to leave time to get people registered and sort out any issues about what section people are playing in.

  1. Kevin can u send them an email for me and let them know I’m playing over 1400? Thanks

    • I did; that’s why I posted this article. It’s more or less the e-mail I got back – they ask if you can just drop them an e-mail to confirm entry anyway, ask to play up (and point out 10/11 in the Bodley, projected rating or 1450 or so, 2nd in Kilkenny and 5th in Bunratty) and they’ll make a call. No guarantees though. Odhrán’s playing down, incidentally.

  2. There we go; time fixed. You’d learn fairly little from losing to 2000+s each week! They’d just be that far ahead of ye.

  3. Both Rathmines’ Armstrong teams got relegated. And their Heidenfeld.

    The draw for the William Brennan Cup – your cup – hasn’t been made yet. It’s small groups; depending on entry. Maybe groups of 4, so three games. In the top cup, it’s one group of 5 and one of 6, but that’s a lot of games and I think the Brennan will be smaller groups.

  4. Yes, it’ll be rated. it’ll be 105 minutes for all moves too. Home games will be on Wednesdays, away games will be on whatever night the opposition play and country games will be on Saturdays. Exact same as the league. Top team or two goes into the semis, and then a final.

  5. I should point out that the poor Rathmines bloke on the Armstrong board 1 had a performance rating of 1743 from that 0/11 score. Stick to trying to beat Kevin for now.

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